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Piney Ridge was a short-lived private sanatorium on Big Whitefish Lake in Crow Wing County.  Dr. J. H. Sandberg moved to northern Minnesota from Red Wing, and he built a summer cottage on the lake in 1900. In 1901, he built 12 one-room log cabins and set up 13 floored tents. This was intended to be a summer fishing resort catering to physicians, but he soon advertised it as a tuberculosis sanatorium for incipient cases. Rates were $10 to $15 a week. When the Minnesota legislature was seeking sites for a state sanatorium, Sandberg wrote to the Board of Health to suggest Big Whitefish Lake as a suitable location.  In 1906, the office building was destroyed by fire. By 1911, Piney Ridge was again advertised as a fishing resort.

Dr. Sandberg was interested in botanical studies and the James Ford Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota has many plant specimens collected by him.

Sources: J. A. Myers, Invited and Conquered​, p. 409; , ​American Medical Directory, V. I, 1906; Northwestern Lancet​, v. 25, 1906.  The drawing that accompanies this article appears on Dr. Sandberg's stationery in the Department of Health collections at the Minnesota Historical Society.   

Piney Ridge Sanatorium

Piney Ridge Sanatorium

Source:  stationery at Minnesota State Historical Society